Training organization in communication and management


Customised and adapted to each person, we have training workshops that take into account the particularities of everyone using tools like breathing, TIPI, NVC, and theatre tools. Learn more :Our tools


Length of training workshops :
2 days + 1 (21 hours)
« Stress is ignorant, it believes that everything is urgent ». Natalie Goldberg

The training workshop addresses both managers as well as those who are managed, even the heads of businesses. We offer two choices: “Managers” or “All employees.”

Pressure and tensions at work... stress is everywhere! How can we overcome it? What relaxation techniques are the best? The stress that everyone has, in our experience, need not be avoided. On the contrary, it must be welcomed and deactivated, and this is possible. There are solutions for managing them on a daily basis and coping effectively in stressful situations. Naturally, there are no miracle cures, but there are tools.

Objectives for All :
  • Understand and master emotions, the body, and achieve serenity.
  • Know how to discuss within mutual confidence.
  • Adopt the appropriate behaviours with people in stressful situations and when facing opposition against one’s point of view.
  • Improve relationship qualities, listening, and expression: attention, non-verbal, and verbal.
  • Objectives for Managers:
  • Manage stress and respond to anxiety of collaborators at work with efficiency
  • Composedly supervise and support one’s team where everyone takes responsibility
  • Efficiently manage daily professional pressure, time, and extra work

    Length of training workshops :
    2 days + 1 (21 hours)
    The prevention and management of conflicts is the key skill of a successful manager.

    Resolving work conflicts: it’s possible!
    In situations of tension, Théâtre Moderne proposes that you find adaptable positions and reactions to remain calm and serene.

    Knowing how to work on the relationship with your team, colleagues, and difficult individuals requires an awareness of behaviours in order to come back to a dialogue in which everyone may express himself or herself and be heard respectfully and fairly.

  • Prevent, guide, and resolve conflicts
  • Learn how to respond in the face of conflicts in order to resolve them on a daily basis
  • Improve one’s communication to defuse and calmly handle situations of conflict
  • Better manage one’s emotions and be aware of the consequences one’s behaviours have within the group
  • Establish neutrality and trust : finding the best position when face-to-face with the speakers

    Length of training workshops :
    2 days + 1 (21 hours)
    Learn to use your emotions as allies of your business’ success.

    How can we manage emotions and transform them into assets? How can we use emotions when communicating? How can we manage the emotions and behaviours of others?

    All these questions will be addressed so that everyone can find solutions through the situations and tools used.

  • Become capable of using one’s emotions, know how to celebrate and express a ‘no’
  • Develop emotional intelligence at work to become more efficient.
  • Understand the triggers and origins of emotions
  • Be more familiar with emotional reactions, their manifestations and their impacts