Training organization in communication and management


Our coaches and trainers are certified experts in their field. They guide the participants to fulfil their goals using various managerial and relational techniques.
Confronting one’s knowledge and experiences with the help of an outside person can recreate connections and make sense of team management.
NonViolent Communication, video-feedback, and theatrical tools get into the heart of the subject with more lightness and effectiveness, while taking care of the difficulties of everyone within the situation at hand.
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Length of training workshop :
6 to 18 sessions
Coaching for managers and leaders

Who is it for? A leader, a manager, a team, or all members of an organisation, who want to resolve a problem, establish a dialogue by means of an outside and benevolent look that spurs advancement, creation, and construction of group projects.

Coaching, what is it?

Coaching is defined as a professional accompaniment over a defined period that leads to gaining concrete and measurable results in your professional, and even personal, life. Through the coaching process, you deepen your understanding and improve your performance. We are specialised in relationship support, in other words, improving performance through a better communication, a constructive dialogue by promoting mutual listening that integrates the management of emotions. Confronting your knowledge and experiences with the help of an external perspective allows the recreation of a connection and makes sense of your team management.

  • Define and clarify your professional objectives
  • Work on management and behavioural improvements in a safe and caring environment
  • Take a step back in stressful and complex situations
  • Captivate and convince your audience
  • By perfecting your speech and managing your emotions, you facilitate daily communication and/or management
  • What issues may be addressed?

  • Better communicating: Listen more effectively to speakers, be convincing, argue for your ideas, and kindle support for them
  • Develop your relationship skills and cooperate with success
  • Establish a “win-win” managerial relationship based on trust, respect, involvement, and cooperation
  • Become aware of your method of listening, know your strengths and weaknesses, and define points of improvement
  • Better manage situations of conflict
  • Prepare and construct a speech, interview, meeting, and negotiation
  • Better express yourself in front of an audience
  • Coaching, through individual attention, allows you to come out of your solitude and meet your deepest needs. It helps you to convince, unite, and adapt in changing situation to better motivate and support your co-workers

    How does it work? On a regular and punctual basis, together we define the times of accompaniment in accordance with your work schedule and commitments.


    Length of the training workshop :
    2 days + 1 (21 hours)
    To associate rational intelligence with emotional intelligence is to dare to question oneself to evolve towards a new practise of leader that is both powerful and humane.
  • Make speakers adhere to their message
  • Communicate more effectively with your associates: be convincing, promote your ideas, and gain support for them
  • Establish a managerial relationship based on trust, respect, involvement, and cooperation
  • Be aware of your leadership, know your strengths/weaknesses and define your areas for improvement
  • The motivation and capacity to lead a team

    Length of the training workshop :
    2 days + 1 (21 hours)
    Cooperate successfully with differing points of view

    Meet with efficiency, foster communication, dare to speak, and manage behaviours during the meeting are all achievable challenges if we push ourselves.

    This workshop will allow you to practise and animate your meetings in an efficient and productive way by building on group dynamics. You will also work on analysing your audience’s behavioural attitudes and on the tools that will allow you to adapt to them with insight.

  • Develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills to perfect your meeting-leadership ability
  • Promote participation from everyone in the discussion
  • No longer enter arguments or counterarguments but find mutual listening ground
  • Know and practise the different roles of the mediator
  • Develop group cohesion and facilitate collective decision-making
  • Develop relational skills with NonViolent Communication

    Length of the training workshop :
    2 days + 1 (21 hours)
    Psychosocial Risks or PSR, what are they?

    We describe “psychosocial risks” or PSR as elements that undermine the physical integrity and mental health of the employees in the work environment: violence, harassment, and stress.

    All heads of business must protect the health, and physical and mental health of their employees in the workplace. Prevention is the first step; change and adaptation is the second.
    Preventative training will teach how to identify and combat these risks using the right tools and techniques. Training is way to learn to manage pains, disillusions, and frustrations in order to maintain well-being at work.


    FOR MANAGERS Identity suffering at work and support employees

  • Identity suffering at work and support employees
  • Prevent PSR by being proactive with organisation and communication, and accompany the change
  • Acquire the emotional and interpersonal skills needed to care for trauma victims and in front of their colleagues
  • Know how to guide employees to the appropriate resource
  • FOR ALL EMPLOYEES : Understand, prevent psycho-social risks and quality of life at work

  • Understand, prevent psycho-social risks and quality of life at work
  • Understanding PSR, their causes and consequences
  • Know how to react to a victim of PSR
  • Create concrete, real scenarios
  • Know how to detect and guide a colleague who suffers from a PSR