Training organization in communication and management



Two extraordinary ideas for artistic and human performances to support the success of the company. Playful and artistic approaches that bring everyone together both individually and collectively to better know each other, to progress, and also reinforce and make collaborations more enjoyable.

  • Moving lines, changing behaviours
  • Stimulate exchanges and strengthen connections
  • Energise meetings and make events lively and fun
  • Give voice to your messages by bringing a different and offbeat look
  • Add humour, body and positive emotions to your event
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    Length of the training workshop :
    2 days + 1 (21 hours)
    Create an atmosphere where employees can be comfortable

    Do you want to support a motivated team, have fun and find a way to perform efficiently and cooperatively?

  • Strengthen group spirit and dynamics and enable the team to solve challenges collectively
  • Acquire and develop techniques of relational communication to better collaborate as a team
  • Develop your ability to express yourself, discover your particular skills and use them to serve the group
  • Develop the ability to adapt and collectively create in everyday life
  • Welcome colleagues, customers, and partners with benevolence
  • “Theatre Performance” Programme

    The “Theatre Performance” is a set of small sketches based on a unifying issue led by trainees in a limited timeframe. This team-building method offers a played and educational approach to the difficulties within a group, a work team, or a community and is based on theatrical play and acting techniques. This approach allows trainees to design a scene and act it out with the other participants.


    Length of the training workshop :
    Take a step back and look at professional situations from a new perspective.

    Business theatre showcases the codes, organisational practises, human attitudes and problems using artists, actors, professional clowns, or amateur employees.

    Choose a workshop led by a former actor: Have charisma, be attentive to your partner, know how to convince, mange your stress, develop your creativity, cooperative games, canvas of expression, develop benevolence, live and work together differently… no prerequisites.

    Our various proposals of animating a connection with management

    Conferences on the theme of communication or management such as NonViolent Communication, managing emotions, human values of your structure.

    Quick interventions leading to laughter and reflection, breathing, and digestion of serious subjects.

    Improvised or humorous shows shows based on your reality, what happened at home recently or during the day of meeting, giving a shifted and playful perspective of important moments.

    Playful, clownish, and artistic interventions : Clown number, frenzied tango, singing, improvisational theatre, magic, acrobatics, juggling, fire-breathing, manipulation of objects or fine arts or photos… it’s up to you.

    Take up our team’s acrobatic challenge !Circus, acro-yoga, juggling, human pyramids, and acrobatics are an excellent way to work on self-trust, trust in others, acceptance of each other, communication, stress management, and creativity.

    Bonus with your training film : a fun and interactive audio-visual support illustrates the specificities of the company and the product, the message of the leader, a customer witness, or an employee.

    An example of events we organize : "Festival Arts Saint-Denis" (, organized in collaboration with the city of Saint-Denis.