Training organization in communication and management


Individual workshops that we offer address individuals or persons who wish to improve their interpersonal skills. We offer to you group workshops, individual accompaniment in order to grow professionally and personally.

Strenght of Theatre Moderne

  • We will learn the 8 golden rules of successful speaking.
  • Theatre techniques have proven their worth, whether in front of an audience of 10 or 100 people.
    LEVEL 1

    Gain confidence and assert yourself with ease.

    Are you emotional, anxious, stressed, nervous, or not entirely comfortable facing an audience and answering their questions ?

    You will leave this workshop having experienced a metamorphosis, which will help you go from nervousness to inner peace. You will approach your meetings and conferences with a new dynamic and positive energy.

    Discover the keys to being yourself while serving your subject and your audience.
    Appointment of your oral benefits more attractive. Reinforce your charisma, your leadership to captivate, think your audience.

  • Have better self-control: manage your emotions and stress.
  • Master non-verbal communication
  • Captivate and convince your audience
  • Express yourself with ease in order to put forward your ideas and gain the support of your audience
  • Develop self-confidence to better interact with the audience
    LEVEL 2

    Learn tricks for interacting with the audience

    Are you feeling helpless or worried about embarrassing or provocative questions ?

    Learn tricks for interacting with the audience.
    Make a powerful speech captivating and charismatic by illustrating it with appropriate words and gestures. Use your emotions to connect with the audience and successfully persuade them.

  • Know how to handle the reactions and objections of the audience and disrupters
  • Give an effective speech
  • Convince with the body and the voice
  • Clarify your goal and encourage your audience to participate
  • Be able to improvise while respecting the 8 golden rules

    Know how to argue and create a dynamic exchange with all the speakers.

    Give yourself additional tools to achieve your goals: meet the expectations of the speakers by learning how to lead a debate, defer questions, manage the words of others, and learn to listen to each of the speakers.

  • Know how assert yourself without aggressing, without fleeing, without manipulating
  • Gain ease in your daily communication
  • Form a favourable relationship with your speakers
  • Add impact to your messages to make them compelling
  • Learn how to handle difficult communication situations and how to listen to other speakers

    Hear a word as one thing, near the absence of a word as another.

    “The lost important thing in communicaiton is sometimes the one that is not said.” Peter Drucker

    Learn the language of the body and the voice to succeed in public speaking.
    Communicate in a more effective way and learn to adapt to audience reactions.
    Learn to decode non-verbal communication: movements, gestures, attitudes, habits, hesitations, silences, posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, rhythm of speech.
    Learn to embody your message before expressing it with appropriate body language and speech.

  • Communicate with more conviction and effectiveness
  • Analyse and understand the meaning of your own gestures, voice, emotions, and respond to them in an appropriate way
  • Use the appropriate posture for your message when speaking
  • Fairly interpret the audience’s body language, know how to read their expectations within their attitudes and reactions
  • Use emotions to reinforce your verbal and non-verbal messages