Training organization in communication and management

We accompany you in the realisation of your life project and the improvement of your rapport with the other for enriching and fulfilling relationships.


Do you want to clarify your desires and discover adapted actions for their realisation?
Do you want to be listened to with empathy?
Do you want to connect with your own deep aspirations and with others?

With our individual accompaniment, regain your momentum and connect with yourself and others !

Individual accompaniment through NonViolent Communication, TIPI, and theatre tools invites you to live the experience of an inner journey, from and towards the natural wisdom of the heart.

  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Perfect communication skills and behavioural attitudes
  • Manage and transform emotional difficulties
  • Establish a plan of action to support personal evolutions


    Mediation is an amicable process accompanied by a third party, called a mediator, who supports the resolutions or relational difficulties. The mediator is neutral and without decision-making power. They encourage dialogue, expression, mutual listening and understanding, without confrontation.

    As a mediator, we help people to change their view by creating a space for listening and expression, in a sage, confidential, impartial environment.
    The combination of NVC and mediation techniques helps to reach an agreement to the satisfaction of both parties.

    Who is this for?
    For individuals and companies, we offer a conventional mediation during a conflict between 2 or more people that is hindering the proper functioning of a service or causes suffering among the company’s employees.

    Who is this for? For individuals, couples, professionals, neighbours, who want to find an amicable agreement in the case of a conflict…

    We propose to live the inner journey experience, from and towards the natural wisdom of the heart.

  • Find a solution, or solutions, that consider the emotions and needs of all parties
  • Mitigate conflicts
  • Empower the parties by allowing them to find their own solution
  • Be heard and understood by the other