Training organization in communication and management



Théâtre Moderne merges with the journey of a man: Istvan Van Heuverzwyn.
After obtaining a degree in marketing in Belgium, then a master’s in communication and management from École Supérieure du Commerce de Paris (ESCP), Istvan completed his journey with theatrical formations in several theatre institutes, in Ghent, Paris, London, and Berlin.
Istvan founded Théâtre Moderne to answer this question:
How can be find well-being?
Istvan wants to share the fruit of his experiences in order to improve the well-being
of employees in the workplace, and improve performance, efficiency, and
humanity of the managers and their employees.


The world of business has evolved, currently in effect, the vertical hierarchy is becoming less and less effective and adaptable to the needs of today’s employees.

Natural loyalty, unity, and engagement of employees around a common project will be the real challenge for businesses of the 21st century.

A collaborative management system emerges that encourages an open dialogue where everyone is welcomed to be themselves.
Whatever your profession or goal, with us, you will find the techniques that will trigger your professional and personal successes of tomorrow.

We offer our courses in the following 6 languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.


Be a “guide”
by adapting to each trainee so that they become
both creator and actor of his own process
on the entrepreneurial, social, and human level.

Create well-being in everyday life
and increasepotential,
the “human” performances of our participants.

Support the participantswith kindness
so that they live up
to their potential.


Our goals?

The ethics of Théâtre Moderne can be summarised in 6 words:

Innovated and
operational support based on human values
Inspired by Nonviolent Communications,
it aims to solve managerial problems.

A dynamic environment :
We create a friendly, playful, and stimulating environment, which encourages the creativity of
each trainee so that they will be able to give the best of themselves.

Quality of relationships :
Respect, consideration, and mutual appreciation in working with the other.
Develop empathic listening and compassionate dialogue.

Sustainable cooperation :
We want to share our passion for the long term.
Our dialogue is based on transparency and authenticity.
We dedicate time to analyse your feedback
and send you our feedback.

« What we wish for ourselves,
we also want to achieve with you and for you…»