Training organization in communication and management



Istvan Van Heuverzwyn
ISO 9001 certified Trainer, and actor-clown, in CNV certification courses
My areas of intervention are coaching, emotional leadership, and NonViolent Communication.
The heart of my job is regulating emotions. I share my knowledge in communication and management. I offer my experiences serving professionals and individuals. In parallel, I organise and stage events in business-running, performances, seminars, business theatre workshops, clown workshops, and compassionate communication. I regularly participate in various conferences and workshops, including benevolent communication.
Pierre Muanda
NVC Certified Trainer
My areas of intervention are conflict management and communication improvement through Nonviolent Communication methods.

As a trainer, psychopedagogue, and andragogue, I intervene using compassionate communication and positive conflict managements with a diverse audience, various professions, as well in Europe as in different French-speaking African countries.
Stella Alexandrian
Certified trainer of NVC and TIPI
My areas of interventions are conflict management and communication in interpersonal relationships. Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and expert in TIPI techniques, and Image, I have the chance to live my passion for a few years, providing communication courses that allow everyone to live more serenely, more aware of their relationships with others, and ultimately happier.
Caroline Arragain
Actress, somatic educator
Specialist of assertiveness, stress management, and speaking for effective communication. French and English speaker, I graduated from Lyon Business School, I am also trained in the method of the school of Jacques. Loecoq in London. With a career as an actress and a stage director, I am also a coach and trainer in communication through theatre and improvisation techniques.
Michelle Rosso
NVC Certified Trainer
My areas of intervention are Nonviolent Communication and team cohesion. Trainer specialised in human relations and certified in NVC, I intervened for several years within companies and various associations using role-playing and listening techniques.
Murielle Martinelli
Actress and Trainer
I intervene in team cohesion, public speaking, and assertiveness.

I lead as the trainer and, for business theatre, act as an actress. I am also specialised in non-verbal communication and voice work. I studied at the Conservatoir de Nice, Cours Florent and the circus school “Les Noctambules.”

I acted in different productions for more than 15 years: theatre, cinema, and television. I am currently teaching yoga classes.
Philippe Rameaux
Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programme) coach and photographer
My areas of intervention are: Prevention, study, and analysis of psychosocial risks in businesses, personalised coaching, team-building, and leadership.

After specialised studies in marketing and communication, I worked in various field of communication: agency manager, trainer, publishing consultant, advertising, fashion, and language sectors.

For a few years, I have been exercising something new that is in line with my passions that has always interested me: photography.
Hugo Roele
Trainer, actor, author
Specialised in conflict management, team cohesion, and NonViolent Communication in French, English, and German.

I have been working since 2001 as a trainer and consultant for NVC. My challenges these years: developing teaching methods and tools to facilitate and promote the study of NVC by greatest number.

The books I wrote “Le livre des Besions” and “La fleur des besoins” are the first examples. Further more, I practise improvisational theatre.
Anton Bergareche Ordonez
Actor, Trainer
I intervene in public speaking, team cohesion, presence and charisma and the usage of humour to improve relationships.

I also devote myself to teaching clown techniques and I intervene in business theatre.

After studying sociology and rhetoric in Spain, I trained at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris.

I am very interested in social realities and in human and entrepreneurial causes and related issues.
Marie-Louise Sibazuri
Certified Trainer NVC – SFCG (Search for Common Ground) and actress
My areas of intervention are conflict management, mediation, and all types of interventions that work to improve intercultural dialogue, and promoting team cohesions, sharing ideas, empathic listening.
I am a trainer in conflict management.

As an artist, professor of letter, writer, storyteller, and director, I use the arts to try to convey to others what NVC has brought to me.

. I travel between Europe and Africa to train and accompany those who want to live the conflict differently, with serenity, without violence. I happily join all initiatives aimed at spreading peace and promoting social change.
Guillaume Loconte et Mélodie Buffard
Actors and Trainers
in teambuilding and business theatre
Engineers of training, we originally come from the south of France.
The call of the body being stronger than all else, after shows, workshops, improvement trips to Senegal and Argentina, as well as a frantic passion for acrobatics and acroyoga, we have converted to the circus arts and acroyoga.

We have started our own company where we specialise in the acrobatic arts, juggling, aerial silk, balance tricks, and tightrope walking.

Our motivation: a desire to learn and share with the public, to enrich each other through our life experiences.


Where are our training workshops?

Theatre Moderne has no borders, we intervene everywhere: in France and in the whole word, but most often IN Île-de-France.